Meeting #3 Update

Dear Community,

Next Meeting will be October 23rd, 9.30am at the usual location.

We are looking for a Development and Fundraising Team Leader. Please contact Trish (info (at) blcommunications (dot) net) to volunteer or help us locate possible contributors (someone who might have helpful tips, contacts, etc).

Today, we discussed:

DaVinci Visit (another opportunity to visit in Nov, stay tuned)


Global (Business) Plan(Trish)

Budget (Dani) Version1

Mission Statement (Linda)

Locations (Christie)

Project Tasks

Next Meeting: OCT 23 – Same time, same place. In the event of rain – meeting will be held at Riviera PlaySchool.

The Curriculum Group has been formed and the following core members will be meeting next week.: Linda Shannon, Elizabeth Bloom, Christie Beadle, Maria Rafael, Jessica Schilling-Wigley, Trish Vasquez. All are welcome to participate in the conversation. If you are interested in attending this group’s next meeting please contact Linda Shannon for details.

HandOuts (click to download)

Constructivist Reading

Are You Listening?

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