DONATE & WATCH: Multi-Family Garage Sale, TED Talks

Hello again!

There will be a multi-family garage sale, in North Redondo area (Farrell), this Sunday (Jan 23rd) morning beginning at 7am.  This is an easy way to try to sell those items you are still wanting to get rid of and make a cash donation to The Knowing Garden.

Yvonne B, who has attended our meetings, will be hosting the self-service festivities on her lawn.  She has listed the sale, put up signs and has storage space if you need it.

You are invited to bring your items and your own ‘set-up’ (table, blanket, cash in change) and sell!  Please contact us for the address and contact information.   Trish & Jesse will be there so even if you can’t make it, please consider dropping your items off.

Thanks!  Contact 310 279 8586 if you need more information.

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