UPDATE: Community Meeting #8

Dear Community,

Following is an overview of our Group Meeting on Saturday March 5th.  Our next meeting will be on April 2.  Look forward to seeing you!

Please contact us with any comments, questions and to volunteer:

Strategic Plan

  • Business Plan: Updated to reflect school visits and mentor ideas and will be available for review at the next Group Meeting.
  • Non-Profit Status: Plan to file in the next couple of weeks
  • Curriculum & Environment: Teacher Recruiting, A Day At The Knowing Garden
  • Locations: Opening location, access to nature, lease that will accommodate flexibility as the school grows
  • Financial Status: Ramping up for additional fundraisers to raise start-up capital, firm up and follow payment policies
  • Spotlight on some of the people who inspire our mission (click to download reading materials):

Aware Parenting, Aletha Solter

Multiple Intelligences, Howard Gardner

  • School Visits (completed): Westside Neighborhood School, PS1, daVinci Schools, Roseville Community School (Bev Bos)

Funding Plan

  • Spring Fest (April 15/16/17): Need Volunteer Coordinator and Publicity Coordinator. This will be a recruiting and fundraising opportunity.
  • On-going Initiatives Report: Funding Factory (Ink Cartridge recycling, Beneficiary ID #167666), Farm Fresh To You (Local Produce Sign Up Incentive, Promo Code 6272), Amazon.com (make amazon purchases online via the store link on our home page), ChipIn.com (make cash donations via the link on our home page)
  • Book Fair Report: Earnings and Expenses
  • Percentage Events: ArtZone, Jewelry, cooking, restaurant nights…under consideration
  • Old Cell Phones: Bring your old cell phones to the next meeting. We will recycle for credits at Funding Factory.


  • Poppies Book Store: Discounts and Resources through this new bookstore located in Torrance
  • About Our School: http://sbschoolproject.wordpress.com/about/
  • Jessica Schilling-Wigley’s New Playtime

“PLAYPLACE promotes child-directed play supported by a caring and compassionate mother. Parents may leave their children knowing that they are in an emotionally supportive and safe environment. Here’s what you need to know:


Monday 12:00-5:00

Wednesday 12:00-5:00

Friday 12:00-5:00

$10/child per hour (5 minute grace period)

Phone: (310) 529-6209”

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