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We are going to the AERO Conference, August 1-5, Portland, Oregon!  Please read on for BE THE CATALYST presented by Michelle Goldbach-Johnson our Teacher.

Support Michelle’s presentation, costs of travel, accommodations and materials.  Please donate!

Be the Revolution – presented by Michelle Goldbach-Johnson of TKG

Finding the catalyst for the education revolution is challenging in many districts.  Why not BE the catalyst?  This workshop is geared toward public school teachers (and others) who want to create a classroom for the whole child while meeting their district’s requirements.  We will discuss ways to implement constructivist methods to required curriculum.  Attendees will also brainstorm methods of classroom management that are neither punishment nor reward based but embrace their students’ needs.  Above all, we will address topics that teachers find relevant in their specific classrooms.This workshop relates to this year’s theme on many levels.  It will empower teachers in public school settings to find alternative approaches to traditional methods.  It encourages all in attendance to collaborate ways to be the catalyst in their school.

About Michelle Goldbach-Johnson, The Knowing Garden

I am a founding teacher at The Knowing Garden.  I previously taught in public school and currently mentor a former colleague who is implementing a democratic and constructivist approach.  I am constantly collaborating with teachers, parents, and students.  I have also trained with ECHO Parenting & Education


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