TKG KNOW: 5 Simple Lessons for Social and Emotional Learning

This article, originally featured on, inspired one of our Parent Teacher Tools.  The feedback from our parents in a general sense was: “what can I do to get more comfortable with helping students move through big feelings even though I’m not  always comfortable with it?”  This is exciting on many levels but two immediately surface:

  • OutdoorAllDayas a school, we are willing to hold space for students’ feelings.
    Our intention is to help the student know and get comfortable with their feelings and then move back into the community flow.
  • as parents who are in the classroom, we want to support students and are continually practicing moving through our own feelings, triggers and biases to support students from a grounded and neutral place.

Below is the quick-reference list we assembled from the article.  Check out the article for in-depth descriptions on how to apply these tools; and share the love with your teachers and c0-homeschooling families!

Think of these when you are modeling building emotional awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management:

  • Practice Recognizing Emotions
  • Notice Physical Responses
  • Get Curious
  • Observe Your Emotions
  • Notice the Impact of Your Emotions on Others

Read the Article @Edutopia

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