FROM UNDER OUR BIG TREE: Week 30 Year 3 (5 to 7 Class)

All Together 5 to 7 Sprouts
“Sometimes you just have to jump…and grow wings on the way down.”
― Ray Bradbury
Thank you for such a beautiful teacher appreciation week!  This morning, as I was reading my square green book filled with love again, I had the rare fortune of seeing two geese migrating north.  As they were honking I couldn’t help but wonder what they were telling each other, and what were they telling me.  I pondered for a bit, then I googled THIS LINK

The world is constantly speaking to us, and I’m glad that throughout my TKG journey I’ve learned to slow down, listen, and appreciate.

Notable Notes

  • Happy Mother’s Day to our treasured community builders.  Enjoy your day!
  • Monthly Parent Meeting is on Thursday, 7pm
  • Monday 5/26 is a school Holiday.  Happy Memorial Day!
This week we listened to a mix I compiled years ago.  The songs were about letters, sounds, numbers, rhymes, and just plain fun!  They sparked conversations, requests to play certain ones, and a welcome change to our meeting routine.
At home: Please ask your sprout if they have a favorite song they’d like to add to the mix. 

The Double Decker Bus lessons will continue for the remainder of the year.  Last week students created an easy way, and a hard way for adding numbers.  They also played a memory game that supported their work with the math racks, subitizing, and number sense.

The story of the Slow Race and three page books are now the provocation for the independent table in the writing area.  This supported their thinking of planning a beginning, middle, and end.  New books were created, and old ones were revisited.  Some were wanting to add more to their old books, so Dawn will use this interest to introduce the editing/revision process.

Students returned, renewed, and picked new books for their book box.  There as been a class wide excitement about reading and we are riding the reading wave as much as possible.  Student have been spotted reading “just right books” together, solo, or with teachers.  They have been so immersed in reading the transition from lunch to reading is happening quicker, and we have been reading longer before switching to deep learning.  The school area has had listening games played using the CD player, and bingo type mats.  They have been listening for beginning sounds as this strategy supports their reading development.

Charlotte’s Web
A play and puppet show groups have formed for those interested.  In our first meeting we established our understanding of a play: plot, main characters, costumes, set, and props.  Through discussion we chose roles, and the puppet show group began their story line.  I will continue to meet with students on Thursdays, as well as offer deep learning time for working on these projects.

If you are a PT you may have noticed new connections forming, students choosing areas based on their interest (not their friends’), quieter voices are speaking up, and so much more!  We continue to revisit our Bill of Rights and support each other in “feeling loved” and “learning” by thinking of our tone of voice, and keeping the flow.

Have a great weekend and look out for geese!


Michelle Goldbach-Johnson, Founding Teacher/5 to 7 Classroom
Yvette Fenton/Co-Teacher, 5 to 7 Classroom
Saundi Williams, 5 to 7 Room Parent
Lena Garcia, School Builder/7 to 9 Classroom
Shutterfly Info Site: photos, contact information, announcements
TKG Info

Tending the Garden

***Park Day/Field Day
Forecast is Sunny with a high of 89 – yes! 89!  Please help your sprouts practice sun safe choices:

  • Stay Hydrated with Water, avoid heavy food
  • Choose lightweight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing
  • Wear a hat
  • Apply sunscreen and collaborate with re-application
  • For parents, please do not leave children in the hot car at pick up/drop off

***Monthly Parent Meeting – Thurs May 16, 7:00pm
Be on the look out for Lena’s message about the meeting and please bring topics to Michelle’s attention as soon as possible.

***Enrichment – Sabina Drums
Unfortunately, Sabina’s availability does not work well with our calendar this session.  We know that Sabina and her drums are a great highlight for some students and so we will work with her to schedule dates for the Fall calendar.  Thank you for supporting TKG Drum Circle and go see Sabina at the Beach drum Circle!

TKG Principals
  • CONSTRUCTIVISM, as teachers and parents, we provide the trellis on which students will build on their existing knowledge
  • WHOLE CHILD, cognitive, physical and social/emotional are inseparable
  • BRAIN SCIENCE, students are sensory learners, we honor each student’s unique developmental map
  • CAPACITY BUILDING, nurturing creative thinkers who are encouraged to solve problems that serve our community
  • COOPERATIVE LEARNING, small groups, low ratios, mixed ages and generations
Parent Teacher Info

Parent/Teacher Corner

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MON May 12

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LS (8:30-11:15am)/AS(11:00-1:30pm) & MS (1:30-2:30pm)

WED May 14

THUR May 15
Please set up for Parent Meeting

FRI May 16

Please contact John Schwartz with any questions or scheduling needs.

PT TOOLBOX: Acceptance vs. Tolerance
A TKG favorite by Scott Noelle: “…when you accept What Is — AND you’re clear that you want a change — it’s easy to solve problems creatively.”
“…acceptance is not the same as tolerance. It’s entirely possible to accept something while choosing not to tolerate it.”
Admin Announcements

From the TKG Office

  • Fundraiser Contributions are Due.  Contact Trish with questions.
  • OFFICE HOURS, Wed morning. You can also call on the phone if you can’t make it there.
  • TKG Board Meeting on 5/22 at TKG

Thank you Families!  Contact Trish or Monica with any questions.  Click here to see our Google Calendar.

The Four Agreements
1. Be Impeccable with your Word
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best

Community Resource – Capacity Building

How Studying Or Working Abroad Changes The Way You Think


How does studying or working abroad change you? You return with a photo album full of memories and a suitcase full of souvenirs, sure. But you may also come back from your time in another country with an ability to think more complexly and creatively—and you may be professionally more successful as a result.

These are the conclusions of a growing body of research on the effects of study- and work-abroad experiences. For example: A study led by William Maddux, an associate professor of organizational behavior at INSEAD, found that among students enrolled in an international MBA program, their “multicultural engagement”—the extent to which they adapted to and learned about new cultures—predicted how “integratively complex” their thinking became.

That is, students who adopted an open and adaptive attitude toward foreign cultures became more able to make connections among disparate ideas. The students’ multicultural engagement also predicted the number of job offers they received after the program ended.

More generally, writes Maddux, “People who have international experience or identify with more than one nationality are better…READ ON

Capacity Building at TKG

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