TKG KNOW: PT Resource on Stereotyping

When It’s Done With Adults, The Gender Stereotyping We Do With Kids Looks As Ridiculous As It Is



As parent teachers, we want to stay out of the way of our students as much as possible. One way to do that is to avoid judgement or evaluation like “good job” or “I like your dress” or “your mom would be so proud.” What we are looking for are phrases that acknowledge process and personal accomplishment “you kept going even when…” or “you like that color!” Another way to minimize bias or stereotyping is by not making conclusions about a student’s capacity or labeling them as “smart,” “cute,” or “a handful.”  Don’t comment on what their wearing, or how their hair looks, just offer your love and support!

Stereotyping: It’s a ridiculous thing to do, and this video makes it very apparent with good old humor.

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