TKG KNOW: What Kids Should Know About Their Own Brains (Mind/Shift)

Here is a new Parent-Teacher resource to add to your tool box:

Some elementary school students may have a limited understanding of the brain and how it functions, believing it to be something like “a container for storing memories and facts.”  Brain function and development are important values at TKG – so, when you talk about parts of the body (eyes, ears, tongue) and how they work, please don’t forget to mention the brain! Children can’t “observe” their own brains so we must help them get to know this very important organ – not just around situations of distress and survival but at those times of joy and growth too.  A little knowledge about brain function is proven to boost capacity for learning.

What are some of the starting points for discussion and reflection?

  1. The brain is part of sensory activities—the brain is not just “for thinking,” but also for seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling.
  2. The brain is plastic and can develop new capacities with effort and practice.
  3. TKG is a place where you can grow your brain through learning choices and commitment.

Read Annie Murphy Paul’s article that inspired this tool @MindShift

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