TKG LISTEN: The “Real World” Struggles With Evaluation, Schools Struggle With Report Cards – Isn’t There A Better Way?

Behold The Entrenched — And Reviled — Annual Review

Our progress assessments focus on the individual’s evolution and personal goals.  At least three times each year, you hear from your teacher about your student’s discreet skills as well as their whole child well-being.  Straight-forward development benchmarks coupled with written narrative gives you a detailed brief on how your student is developing.  Because we aren’t holding students to the standard of the median, each child is empowered to own their learning – which is presented at the end of the year in a parent-student conference. This resource offers a glimpse in to how the real world continues to struggle with evaluation and the expectation of the annual review…and how we believe there is a better way:


Performance review season is nearing, and if that makes you break out into a cold sweat, you’re not alone. Studies show between 60 percent and 90 percent of employees, including managers, dislike the performance evaluation.

Some companies are starting to look at alternatives, but the performance review is pretty entrenched.

“They’re fraudulent, bogus and dishonest,” says Samuel Culbert, a management professor at UCLA who does research in dysfunctional management practice. “And second, they’re indicative of and they support bad management.”

Several years ago, Culbert offered his unvarnished views about performance reviews on the pages of The Wall Street Journal and wrote a book on the subject. Read more @NPR

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