“From Under Our Big Tree” Weekly Newsletter – Week #4 Nature Growers (ages 7-9)

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

 Writing Changes the World

Writing is a powerful way to share our thoughts, ideas, feelings, and knowledge. When we write, we have the ability to create, inspire, and become catalysts of change. Writing is powerful because of the intimate interaction with the reader.

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– Ed News Resource:.Contemplate the power of of writing.

The reader can be one individual or can be an infinite number of people because as time passes the written word can remain indefinitely. As a reader, how many times have you read a book, article, letter, or even a small note that permeated your thoughts and changed your perspective? With this in mind, I can confidently say that writing has the power to change the world!

In the classroom we are changing the world one letter at a time. We have been discovering our power by writing “friendly letters” to our friends and family. These letters have served as a vessel to help us connect and strengthen our relationships with our friends and family. For example, our class was recently invited to view a “readers theater” performed by the Redwoods. We thoroughly enjoyed their performance and some of the students suggested writing a “thank you” note to them. Building on their idea, I asked the sprouts if they would be interested in writing individual thank you letter to the Redwoods. They excitedly agreed! As students wrote their letters, I could see the joy and love they were feeling when writing the notes. Once completed they couldn’t wait to share their letters and see the Redwoods expressions when they received them.

Another authentic and powerful experience in our letter writing journey was gifted to us by parents of the Nature growers. In the beginning of the school year, parents thoughtfully wrote letters filled with hopes, goals and wishes for their sprout/s. When students received their letters they were filled with awe and excitement. Students eagerly took their special letters and found a quiet, cozy spot to read their beloved letter privately. When students returned to the meeting area, I asked them how they felt after reading the letter. Overheard:

“I feel happy and grateful” – K

“I feel loved” –  Z

“I don’t know. Im feeling a lot of things… I’m definitely feeling thankful that they took the time to write to me.” – M

After sharing their thoughts and feelings in the meeting area, students asked if they could write back to their parents. As you might have guessed, I was wholeheartedly on board with their plan! Student have began to pour their thoughts and emotions on paper, and will be sharing their letters with you during our conferences this month!

***Home Practice Review***
Please look for these practice opportunities at home. Looking forward to hearing about how it goes or the other ways you designed practice time! Reference my email for even more details:

  • Math: We are working on telling time and/or working on elapsed time
  • Writing: Students are responding to the letter they received from a fellow classmate.

Con Amor (With Love),

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PT RESOURCE: Our unhealthy obsession with choice
We face an endless string of choices, which leads us to feel anxiety, guilt and pangs of inadequacy that we are perhaps making the wrong ones. But philosopher Renata Salecl asks: Could individual choices be distracting us from something bigger—our power as social thinkers? A bold call for us to stop taking personal choice so seriously and focus on the choices we’re making collectively. Watch @TED
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The Four Agreements
1. Be Impeccable with your Word
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best

Resource Of The Week – Capacity Building

Beware the Too Compelling Narrative

In the spirit of our appreciation for writing, this article provokes us to think about the power of writing and the proliferation of micro/hyper-individualized media. Should government or a governing body manage media bias (see Fairness Doctrine) or leave it up to consumers? What role does education play in preparing citizens to consume writing? At TKG, we hope our students and community appreciate the opportunity to analyze and process content, confidently and thoroughly.
*   *   *
by Brett & Kate McKay

The other day I was flipping through an old issue of Outside Magazine while waiting for a dentist appointment and saw this headline: “The Clown Shoe That’s Changing Minimalist Running.” The 2013 article was about a running shoe company called Hoka, which makes super beefy, super cushioned, moon boot-esque running shoes. The idea behind the shoe is that the body runs best and recovers better when its feet are wrapped in soft pillows that float over the terrain.

I had to laugh to see that the pendulum on yet another compelling narrative had already started swinging back the other way. Read on @TheArtofManliness

Choose How You React.

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