TKG Expands Enrollment – Fall 2017

TKG continues to grow this Fall! You know that TKG is different. Please explore our website and visit our TKG Way page to learn more. This is how our classrooms are arranged this year:

ACORNS. For students ages 5 and 4-year olds who are ready for more. Acorn students are have varied skill sets and getting accustomed to The Knowing Garden while exploring individual and common interests through projects and play. Our academic work is based on individual developmental readiness while working on foundational skills. Our social/emotional work is built around learning to be part of a community while finding the words to be heard. These skills will be intertwined into all of our play activities throughout the day. Centers provocations, small group skills focus, and large group explorations will support learning in these areas. The Knowing Garden seeks to empower children to have a positive relationship to reading by supporting children’s intrinsic desire to seek information and discover the powerful tool of reading.

NATURE GROWERS. For students ages 6-7. Nature Grower students have a incredibly new and exciting way of seeing the world. Their brains are more physically “ready” to process and integrate foundational skills. Literacy and math concepts are experienced whole to part with an emphasis on building confidence to explore academic capacity and learn to turn mistakes in to learning. Skills are learned in focused learning groups as well as hands-on experience. Our social/emotional work, from a newfound understanding of self, is centered around friendships, inclusion and developing perseverance and commitment.

REDWOODS. For students ages 8-9.  Redwoods are ready to go! They are developing a confidence with the idea that their ideas can effect change. Academic work is more complex and students are encouraged to take, even more, ownership of their learning trajectories. Social emotional work places an emphasis on developing independence, courage and responsibility. Students have the opportunity to practice literacy and math concepts through interdisciplinary learning guided by teacher and student collaboration. Assessment of student learning is interwoven with teaching and occurs through teacher observations of students at work, through rubrics, self/peer assessment, written tests and through student exhibitions and portfolios such Passion Projects. Their Passion Project work is presented at quarterly exhibitions for the entire community.

NAME TBD. This to-be-named class is for students ages 10-12. This class is a bridge between young childhood and adolescence. Because these students have higher cognitive development, academic work is accelerated based on individual capacity and class pacing. Students are practicing the organizational skills to plan their learning trajectories and lead younger students in learning plans. Social emotional work is in understanding their biological changes through health & science and practicing relationship skills. Assessment of student learning is interwoven with teaching and they will expand their work with understanding the vast array of tests that they may experience in academic life and beyond: rubrics, assessments, written tests, essays, interviews and tasks. Their Passion Project continues and parent mentors and community partnerships provide a deeper context for them to experience and learn. The class will be named by the students who will launch this classroom this Fall!

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