Learning through Experience

Learning through Experience

You never stop learning. It is a well-documented fact. The days of having to be at a desk, waiting for someone to deliver the information, are long gone. The norm of “waiting your turn” to earn a seat at the table is shifting. The tools of learning are changing faster than our existing education systems can adapt. But experience – learning that is tactile and visceral – will never stop being a skillful teacher. Travel, local as well as distance, is an experience in which people can learn, so much, so fast. Here are some examples of how our community learned through travel this holiday – each experience full of its own reasons to be grateful:

When traveling to ancestral homes, our childhood becomes alive again. Whether it was comforting, or not…travel home for the holidays brings us so many opportunities to learn. It also gives us a way to practice being present before setting off to an adventure like Mammoth, CA to ski, snowboard, sled, make snowpeople, and snow angels!

A change of scenery is one way to re-energize your basic senses – something like, Cottonwood exploring Sedona, Jerome, and Prescott, where nature (and family time) does all the teaching.

When traveling for adventure, our growth-mindset is set on fire. Conquering unknown territory, like a trip to Argentina, visiting Patagonia, then getting on a boat and exploring the continent of Antarctica boosts our sense of capacity and community. And. Icebergs!

A va(or stay)cation is designed to soothe our senses – to slow down, reflect and make time for friends and family.

Our hearts need travel too and you don’t always need to go somewhere to do that. Continuing a spiritual journey through cleansing, healing, practicing mindfulness, keeping heart open to learning, and working to raise the energy on this planet. In turn, to raise the vibration of those around you – with the hope of creating more peace, love, and healing to our planet. 

And travel doesn’t necessarily mean “slowing down” if running, bike rides, reading, long talks and playing with nieces and nephews fill your cup. Just being cozy is a way to learn about love.

TKG Students traveling and learning, together

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