TKG Teachers Share: Tips on Staying Mindful & Present

“Don’t hide from your “to do” list. Finish what needs to be done in order to be present and enjoy the moment. I also focus a lot on appreciations and all that we have to be grateful for.”

“Take a minute out of your day and remind yourself of one thing you are grateful for. Along with that, if you have five full minutes, take a second to do a self-grounding (as easy as laying down on the floor and feeling the earth) and meditation exercise. I find that doing both these practices on a daily basis brings peace and the ability to stay present in my everyday life.”

“Focus on listening to your body; the tense jaw, stiff back, and twitchy eye are all messages.  Guess what a growling belly is saying?! Address these before they get big and have a better chance of staying present and mindful in the moment.”

“Try to minimize the busy of your schedule. Give yourself permission to kindly say no (to myself or others) and make a conscious choice to slow down.”

“Build a daily mindful practice into your morning/evening routine, meditation, breath work, yoga, prayer, giving thanks. Whether it be 3 minutes or 1 hour, keep a daily routine.

“Spend time in the outdoors. Leave the house and switch gears, even if just for 30 minutes, it allows you to come back with less anticipation and stress and more perspective and peace of mind. Encourage others to go with you! Bring everybody to the park or beach even if it is cold and wet.”

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