Healthy Sexuality – Parents Group Intro

Healthy Sexuality – Parents Group Intro

Join TKG parents for a regular Healthy Sexuality learning and support group. We agree that we want to be available and authentic as we guide our students through their physical development with openness and truthfulness. We will anchor our discussion with the ‘Our Whole Lives’ program and we’ll bring our own questions and challenges for discussion.

The group meets on Tuesdays at 1pm – our “focus” is ages 8-12 but all are welcome. Below, you’ll find notes and resources from our first meeting.

Each week, we’ll cover a topic and discuss our personal experiences and expertise. Parents will also receive handouts, book recommendations, and other resources in support of the topic or their urgent questions.

Contact us for more information. Development isn’t waiting for distance-learning to be over! See Session 2 Notes, here.

Recommended Books (Amazon links support TKG with a % back):

The Parent Guide to Our Whole Lives, 2nd Edition

It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health

Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!): The Ultimate Puberty Book for Girls

Sex Is A Funny Word

It’s So Amazing

Other resources links are available at “More Than Sex-Ed” (tell the TKG sent you!)

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