Give yourself a little joy this Holiday Season!

Give yourself a little joy this Holiday Season!

Picture perfect is not real.

simple provocations for reading
Building a relationship with nature always sparks joy

We know it intrinsically but we’ve been socialized to think that in order for something to be successful, it must be big and grand – and come together quickly. We’ve been taught that the “little things” are boring. We are so restless about our expectations, we have to search the internet to keep validating our correctness. One of the reasons TKG has a no-branded clothing tradition is to support the idea that there are many ways to be seen, for who you are and not what you wear – loving who you are is one of the first steps in being able to find joy every day. This article from is a friendly reminder to be gentle with yourself:

3 Simple Ways to Cultivate Joy Every Day
“Joy can be like that—small, unassuming, disarming. It’s hiding in a cherry, a song note, or a pair of comfortable shoes. Often, we have to coax these small moments of joy into our awareness. We have to let our guard down and allow them rub up against us like a purring cat.

Learning is always happening

Of course, our attention is often otherwise occupied—tugged toward irritation when we hear the grating whir of a leaf blower, or when we feel sadness after learning a friend is ill, or anxiety when someone we love has lost their job. And there are the larger forces that pull our attention—oppression, climate devastation, deep uncertainty about the future. Much of mindfulness practice is about learning to relate to these sharp-elbowed moments with equanimity.”

READ More @Mindful.Org. This @NYTimes piece is also interesting – it is about having deeper conversations that spark joy in relationships.

This friend helped us be still and observe for over a minute! This is just a little part of that study.

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