A Peek Into Our First Week – Sept 2022

We started school this week, just after the Labor Day Holiday. While we know that COVID is still part of our outdoor classroom structure, we are feeling a sense of freedom to be in bigger groups and return to our value of building community.

One of the ways that we “demonstrate” learning is through real-life experience. In listening to what the children say, we can adapt our teaching plans to make the learning meaningful to our group. In this process, we come to observe and assess the learning to understand each student’s learning trajectory. Highlights from this week:

“I want to be a good electronic musician”. – R
R, we will find the way to put this into action!

“I can whistle! I want to be the Northern Cardinal.” – B
B, we’ll keep creating opportunities for you to play!

“It’s his turn, your turn, and then my turn”. – L
Our community provides a safe place for you to learn about meeting our needs as well as the needs of others and our community.

“Wait, did I do this right?” – P
Our community provides a safe place for students to explore, ask questions, fail, and succeed without judgement.

“I can host a class and teach everyone how!” – I
I, we can help you make this happen!

“I want to create a swing.” – A
A, you will always be empowered to create things that improve our community!

“How did you do that?” – J
J, This is a place where you can learn things you want to know, for example…how to climb a tree

If this sounds like a school you have always dreamed of for your family, you are invited to come visit us and see what you think!

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