TKG Distance Learning Framework


This is our guiding framework when we are in fully-distanced school mode:

Goals and intentions

  • Embody the TKG values of hands-on learning and empowerment
  • Cohesive, school-wide schedule to streamline communications and planning
  • Consistent and clear information on common core standards being met
  • Trust in teachers & admin to meet specific learning needs and offer parent support
  • Trust in students to work at their pace and develop personal strategies for staying on their learning track
  • Trust in parents to keep communication open and seek support
  • Re-imagine TKG traditions and greater community experiences to keep students excited and fulfill their TKG expectations
  • TKG materials check out: library bundles or project materials may be available for pick up (by request/appointment)
  • Experience Nature and field day provocations via Michelle’s YouTube channel
  • Offer social-emotional resources via daily newsletters

Schedule Outline

We will keep general, consistent timeframes for online meetings. Play is a priority! Whether it is learning through or for relaxation – children are always learning through play. Parents & families should plan for approximately 3-4 hours of school time each day. With a maximum of 45 minute work periods and movement every 15 minutes  – it compresses the “work” time. Above all listen to your children.

Teachers are (virtually) available for their students to guide meaningful learning with a balance of live instruction, recorded instruction, group work, and student office hours. Teachers may need some flexibility at times – to be responsive to students – we appreciate your flexibility too.

Assessment Philosophy

  • We are adjusting our assessment practices to best monitor academic growth tied to Common Core Standards. This will allow us to track individuals more specifically.
  • If you are interested in summer learning opportunities to ensure that students continue on their trajectory, please reach out to admin.

Collaboration Guidelines

  • Review the Info Board often and first.
  • Please arrive to meetings on time. If you will not attend (or cannot attend), please let your teacher know before the meeting.
  • Questions are welcome and constructive feedback is encouraged.
  • We support a balance of online and analog work.
  • Recorded lessons give us the ability to sustain student stamina and teach abstract concepts because they allow for re-teaching with differentiation and to re-emphasize key concepts. 

Working Online Guidelines

  • Online time as a way to optimize the learner’s understanding of self, discrete skills (packet), and connection to community. 
  • Please remind students (in a developmentally appropriate way) that everything we do online leaves a footprint. Anything we do or say online is like being in-person.
  • Students and parents should understand how to protect their private information. Please seek help if needed!
  • Communications between students and adults is an open forum with devices placed in a public part of the home. 
  • Students should share their emails, work, and communications with their parents; and check with parents before reaching out directly to teachers.

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