TKG PARTICIPATION OP: Book Fair Collection and Sorting Day

Recycle your books and share the gift of a story with your community!  The Knowing Garden Community will be collecting and sorting books this Saturday July 23rd beginning at 10am.  Email us for drop-off location information.  Also contact us if you would like assistance with a pick-up or alternative drop off time.

In preparation for our sale on July 30th, at the Torrance Farmers Market, we need lots of books: children’s, art, fiction, how-to, cooking…bring your books on over and stay for a few minutes to catch up with us and sort your books into our ‘aisles.’

Please contact us for the drop-off location details or any questions.  This sale will provide for start-up costs and materials for The Knowing Garden’s Inaugural school year.

Thank you!

The TKG Community

(Please Contact Jesse with any questions about the Book Fair)

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