From Under Our Big Tree: Week 11 at TKG

Week 11: Holiday Spirit!

Discoveries at TKG
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  Mine was full of family and friend visits, lots of relaxing sprinkled with projects, and entirely too much football and desserts!  I can’t wait to catch up with everyone and hear about your adventures.  Tomorrow we will meet at the Park.  Don’t forget sun block and comfortable tree climbing shoes.

Week 10 recapPark days are such a great way to blast off the week, especially at our Park!  We continued to work on communication skills with our greetings, our large motor skills while climbing the rocket, our observation skills while noticing that buildings looked small from our vantage point, and our social skills during opening meeting which took place on elephants, a horse, and a rocket.  We launched and built a rocket as a team.  Patience and determination were on our side as it took several trials before it worked.  We figured out what went wrong, what improvements were needed, and how all scientists will know the rocket is about to take off.  Taking breaks between trials we walked down a path that was discovered and picked up treasures and trash along the way, the trash went into the trashcan, and the treasures went into our maracas made out of paper rolls.  The day ended with excitement and brainstorming on how to build rockets at home and what items were needed for building in the classroom.

Throughout the week we continued the transportation theme by making trains out of clay, building rocket ships from chairs, and writing books about our workshop travel adventures.  Also, we have loved the series of books based on “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” and decided to write our own version!

Week 11 plans:  It may be eighty degrees outside, but the holiday spirit is still in the air.  This week we will meet the Gingerbread Man!  He will be traveling the globe and pondering how Santa gets to all these wonderful places in one night.  He will be sharing what other cultures are celebrating in December and will invite us to sing songs, play games, and try recipes he’s collected in his travels.  We will begin transitioning in a time for Reader/Writer Workshop so students may explore the languages based areas in more depth.

Happy Learning,
Michelle Goldbach-Johnson

Growth: Themes & Plans

Week 11 will focus on the following developmental concepts:


Leading and participating in meetings- listen when others are sharing information

Transitioning between activities


Large Motor Skills; climbing, running, jumping, throwing and catching…

Fine Motor Skills; drawing, cutting, building, painting, opening snack…


Compare and Contrast Literature

Identify characters, settings, and important events

Multicultural Holidays and Traditions

Locate Continents and oceans

Numbers 0-30


Gaining confidence and independence

Acknowledging others’ feelings

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Garden Maintenance (from the TKG Office):

Friendly remindersfrom Admin:

  • Tuition is Due on December 1st
  • Please Return Outstanding Forms: physician’s report, Emergency Form, etc.
  • Please bring your family picture (a small 3×5 photo in a simple frame or cover)
  • Your cartons, rolls, tape and “trash” donations are much appreciated, please bring them to classroom days

Thank you Families!

UPCOMING Parent Information Nights on Tuesday December 13.  New families can register for the workshop right from our homepage.

We love our Parent Volunteers!

Parent Volunteer Schedule for Week 9:

Monday (park day) – Mayotte

Thursday – Valdez

Resource Of The Week:

…”certain types of chronic disease can be triggered by stress. And not the garden variety stress we usually think of (the job, the kids, the mortgage), but internal stress generated by the repression of powerful emotions, particularly anger.”

An Interview with Gabor Mate
January Magazine


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