TKG LEARN: Capacity Building, A New Business Strategy

This article appeared in one of our weekly newsletters (learning documentation piece) to parents as a resource in understanding one of our school values: capacity building (the skills that enable our students to solve problems – their own, with each other and within community).

A New Business Strategy: Treating Employees Well

Like the traditional education model, some companies operate from a position of “drill” and grind to squeeze staff to increase profits but a growing number are testing the theory that they can have both profits and happy workers. Keep sharing your social experience at work and places where you volunteer – your effort in reimagining social context is good work!
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by ALANA SEMUELS/The Atlantic

Call centers are not, typically, very happy places—especially around the holidays. Workers have quotas to make, and often sit in bleak cubicles, headsets on, plowing through calls from stressed shoppers, as they count down the minutes until lunch.

But the employees in this call center in Vermont are rosy-cheeked and—can it be?—smiling. They field calls about misplaced packages and gluten-free dough, while surrounded by orange and red Thanksgiving decorations and a wall lined with baking gear that they’re allowed to borrow. They still have quotas—10 calls per hour, per agent—but they know they won’t get fired if they spend 45 minutes talking to a woman with cancer about baking, as one agent recently did.

“People just really care about each other and look out for each other,” READ MORE @TheAtlantic


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