TKG KNOW: Neuroplasticity 101

An Introduction to Neuroplasticity and Cognitive TherapybrainFunctions

We used to think our brain was what it was — unchangeable, unalterable…that we were stuck with what nature gave us. In actuality, and one of our TKG values, is that our brains are malleable. We can alter neurochemistry to change mindsets. We nurture the notion that students are the architects of their brain development.
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It’s startling to think about how we’ve got a spaceship billions of miles away rendezvousing with Pluto, yet here on Earth there are major aspects of our own anatomy that we’re almost completely ignorant about. We’ve climbed Everest, sent men to the moon, and invented the Internet — but we still don’t know how our brains work. The positive outlook is that many health, science, and research specialists believe we’re on the precipice of some major neuroscientific breakthroughs. READ MORE @BigThink

This article appeared in a recent TKG Newsletter as a resource to parents.

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