TKG LISTEN: Are We Better Off Without the Fairness Doctrine?

Beware the Too Compelling Narrative

In the spirit of our appreciation for writing, this article provokes us to think about the power of writing and the proliferation of micro/hyper-individualized media. Should government or a governing body manage media bias (see Fairness Doctrine) or leave it up to consumers? What role does education play in preparing citizens to consume writing? At TKG, we hope our students and community appreciate the opportunity to analyze and process content, confidently and thoroughly.

by Brett & Kate McKay
The other day I was flipping through an old issue of Outside Magazine while waiting for a dentist appointment and saw this headline: “The Clown Shoe That’s Changing Minimalist Running.” The 2013 article was about a running shoe company called Hoka, which makes super beefy, super cushioned, moon boot-esque running shoes. The idea behind the shoe is that the body runs best and recovers better when its feet are wrapped in soft pillows that float over the terrain.

I had to laugh to see that the pendulum on yet another compelling narrative had already started swinging back the other way. Read on @TheArtofManliness

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