Happy Mother’s Day from TKG

Happy Mother’s Day from your TKG family! We don’t get to see some of you as often as we’d like but you are in our hearts as members in this village that nurtures relationship, learner-based education, personal empowerment, and social activism. Being a mother is much more than what you see on Facebook on in a movie – but it is easy to forget. It is immeasurably more than the social constructs of commercialism, judgment and fear will have us believe. So, let’s zoom out for a moment – and celebrate the mother you are today and acknowledge the journey that has led you here and the experiences yet to come. It is the combination of all of our resources, network and support that make us the mothers we are, because – it takes a village.

Mothering is simultaneously a very personal and very community experience. In one day, you may be bursting with love and happiness from a moment with your child and also be incredibly worried about the same child’s experience at school, a family member, or friend who has turned to you for support. It could be enough to overwhelm but, mothers always have room in their hearts to connect and support their village. We honor your capacity – thank you for being there for others.

Cheers to you and your best work! You are already the person who is perfectly suited to being the mother your children need. All the gifts, experience and love you need is already within you and you are perfectly capable of researching and finding the information and resources you need to continue to grow. Borrowing from the Four Agreements, these simple reminders can help keep you grounded in celebrating the mother you already are:

  1. Be impeccable with your word. A mother of a teen can attest – your word means everything.
  2. Don’t take anything personally. A mother of a two-year can agree – food on the wall does not mean that you have done anything “wrong.”
  3. Don’t make assumptions. A mother who is helping a child with a school project can confirm – a student’s vision may not align with yours and therein lies their learning, not ours.
  4. Always do your best. Any mother who has been sick, yet still has to pack some lunches or finish a work project can concur, on some days a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich is just perfect.

Do you agree, that the definition of mothering should belong to the people who experience it? Some say biology defines “mother” but, as we have all experienced in our lives – we have mother figures within the different phases we pass and the communities to which we belong and sometimes gender assignment has absolutely nothing to do with that. To truly take ownership of this day, we should continue to resist the fear that makes us vulnerable to the judgement and labels that come from narrow-sighted commercialism and social media driven perfectionism of the unattainable. Remind yourself to zoom out and see that the work of mothering is yours to own and to open your heart, but not compare yourself to, all the mothers who surround you and make up your village.

And remember, the communities and villages to which you belong are there for you; and just waiting for you to reach out. Mothers are so self-sufficient yet, WE are not alone. So, HAPPY MOTHER’S day to you parents, teachers, family and friends – we are grateful for all that you do in nurturing relationships, advocating for children, empowering yourself and your village, and doing better in the world – we’re here for you!

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