Fall Enrollment is Open

TKG has plans to open, with outdoor play and learning pods, on September 8th. We are enrolling students ages 5-10 for our learner-centered program. Covid protocols will be in place with the most care for children’s health and happiness which means we will hold space for social-emotional learning and play.

With a max co-hort of 5 students, our plan is to have students meet for 3 hours Monday-Friday to work on front-loaded curriculum and projects. There could be up to two co-horts per day (assigned by teachers for maximum collaborative learning). On Friday, teachers will be available for online meetings for students who may not be able to attend in-person and students needing additional 1:1 time. We ask families to shelter-in-place (not enroll in after-school or outside camps) or quarantine after travel to protect teachers and pods.

Tuition is currently as posted in order to sustain professional salaries for our teachers as well as rent (yes, still!) and operational expenses. However, we are considering sliding scale tuition based on total number of students enrolled. Annual contracts will be for the full-amount of tuition and adjusted. If you would like to be considered for tuition support, please fill out the form on our tuition information page.

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