Our Driving Questions

Our Driving Questions

One of the structural requirements of Project-Based Learning (PBL), is the “driving question.” Every year, TKG classrooms feature a question that is inspired by current events and environment (in Reggio philosophy the environment is a teacher, too) to help guide learning plans. Our questions are designed to empower students and the community with confidence and the knowledge that they have the capacity to be problem-solvers for themselves and their community. Other benefits to supporting teachers and students to focus on the question are mindfulness, consistency, and commitment. Though we may not be able to display them as usual, they serve us all, as often as we can remember and reflect. Without further delay, here are our 2020-2021 Driving Questions:

Redwoods – “How Can We Embrace Change?”

Community – “How Can I do the Most Good (#MoGo), Right Now?”

Nature Growers – (work in progress with students!)

Try a driving question for yourself! During this stressful and unpredictable time, driving questions, or a meditative focus, can help you stay grounded. Give it a try in 3 steps:

  1. Who is working on this question? HOW CAN I/WE
  2. What is the challenge and timeframe? LEARN TO…FIX…RE-IMAGINE
  3. Who does it help? FOR YOU? OR WHO?

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