Learning about Safety through Play and Mistakes

Learning about Safety through Play and Mistakes

TKG is a special place because self-awareness and confidence-building are part of academic learning. By switching phrases from “Be Careful!” to something more specific and open-ended, we all learn about trust, cooperation, collaboration, and resilience.

Recently, our classroom has been outdoors and that means, more exposure to experiences with flora and fauna we are not all that familiar with. We are so happy that our students have the opportunity to learn about risk, respect, and resilience with nature!

In this article from the Child & Nature Alliance, see detailed phrases to support aware play including:

Great Heights (i.e. tree climbing)
Great Speeds (i.e. tag)
Harmful Tools (sticks/rocks)
Dangerous Elements (i.e. water, fire, ice)
Rough and Tumble Play
Play where children can “disappear”/get lost

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