Parent Participation


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We invite parents to be active on campus (health & safety protocols permitting). We believe that you don’t just enroll a student – you enroll the whole family. We do our best to schedule parents at the beginning of the year but, flexibility helps us practice our adaptability, right?!

All families should plan to participate in:

  • Beginning of the Year Orientation
  • Communication Workshops
  • Monthly Parent Meetings
  • School Cleaning & Maintenance Days
  • Field Trips
  • Fundraising Events – each family has a per-student donation to help make up tuition revenue and operational cost gaps

7to9-ClassIf a family qualifies (via our SSS Form), tuition can be reduced by working additional hours. See our Tuition Info page for more details. Some examples of co-op work are:

  • Classroom Work
  • Parent Project or Job (Laundry, field trip coordinator, web master, in-class workshop, featuring your talents!)
  • Various Committees
  • Administrative Support
  • Teacher Support
  • Research
  • Outdoor Classroom Set Up/Clean Up




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