Why We TKG


THE KNOWING GARDEN is an elementary school in Los Angeles’ Southbay. It was founded in 2011 by a group of parents who believe that school should be a place where students, teachers, and parents alike can develop their passions, learn to be in relationships, nurture personal purpose, and be catalysts for social change. Our school was built to provide a safe environment where empowered citizens can learn to take ownership of their learning and can practice problem-solving and conflict resolution within a culture of connection.

Our school began in the Summer of 2010 at our first community meeting held in a founding family’s backyard.  We knew what we didn’t want but, had trouble finding the school that was doing what we were looking for. Guided by the Roseville Community School’s model, we started with 5 students and one visionary teacher to develop a program that would be the foundation for today’s TKG. Our hope has always been that while our children are here, they have a safe place to practice how to know themselves and others, develop their capabilities, and learn to trust their potential…that’s how we got our name – this is a place to know on many different levels.

Learning outdoors supports the development of the whole child: brain and physical development by moving through and inhaling nature, cooperative learning, executive function and risk-management, social-emotional and conflict-resolution practice.




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