Tuition & Financial Facts

Tuition covers teacher salaries, classroom materials, community education and location rent.  Additional expenses may include extracurricular activities, supplemental classroom materials and community events.

The school was built upon a belief that TKG should be available to a wide range of families from diverse backgrounds.  In an effort to be true to this ideal, families can earn credits to lower their tuition by working hours at TKG in the classroom, organizational jobs, committees and various other ways to exchange talent and time for tuition. Families may also opt to defer a percentage of the annual tuition.



Tuition covers the school year beginning soon after the Labor Day holiday and ending the second week of June.

• $55 Application Fee (one-time)

• $100 Registration Fee (one-time)

• One-time finger printing fee (approximately $75 per person, paid to independent outlet)

• $300 Insurance Fee (annually)

• $300 Materials Fee (annually)


·         Tuition is due to the business office, on the 1st of each month.

·         First month’s tuition and work hours commitment are due with contract.

·         Tuition is paid monthly from September through April.

·         Credits for hours worked or credits earned via fundraising will be calculated monthly.

·         Work hours are credited at (est) $16 per hour completed.  Lowest possible annual tuition is $11,900.

·         First month’s tuition, for following school year is due in June.


Moderated tuition may be available. Click here to learn more. If you have any questions, please contact our Business Manager.

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