Why We TKG

TKG is a school where children build ‘self’ and community. Our educational environment is collaborative and interactive. Our community works together to empower people to love learning, cultivate relationships, protect nature, and engage in the world as innovators and catalysts.

We have been building this school, since 2011, to support children in developing the tools they need to enjoy the ride of life – the ups, downs, and arounds. We are a place where they can work on the skills they need to advocate for themselves, stand up for others, identify and share resources, find their tribe, and navigate their own path. We believe these skills forge the framework for personal empowerment – the first steps on the road to living a full and self-propelled life.

We believe that an environment that uses a model of “Listening, Learning and Knowing” as the foundation for interpersonal relations supports people in truly adopting the multi-layered practice of lifelong learning. Our mission is to give students ownership of their learning, interest them in creating knowledge, and nurture teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills through a trajectory of core standards in reading, writing, maths, and public speaking. We believe this should be the mission of all schools but until it is the norm, we must each make the commitment to support schools like TKG.

The framework for learning at TKG is supported by these values:

Cognitive Development – Academic offerings, which align with Common Core, are accessed through multiple methods including: interdisciplinary studies, project-based, and emergent curriculum. Multiple forms of assessment are used to document growth and evolution.

Social Justice through Cooperative Learning – We are always learning from each other. Teaching and learning with others, in mixed-age settings, helps us understand more deeply as well as practice empathy. As we gain personal confidence, we feel more comfortable sharing our success knowing that all people can achieve personal success.

Brain Research – By understanding how our brain works, we can give ourselves the best chance at learning and experience the full range of normal and healthy feelings and emotions.

The Triangle – For deep learning to really flourish, student, teacher, and parent are fully committed to learning and problem solving, together.

Conflict Resolution – We encourage children to solve problems on their own, with guidance from parents and teachers. This creates a safe environment to practice negotiation, take responsibility, become self-aware of desired outcomes, and be involved in resolving conflict.

Nature + Environmental Stewardship – It is vital to connect our students to nature and address the nature deficit facing our society. The main objective is to foster a personal bond with the natural world through familiarity, sense of kinship, and experience. People who are connected to nature are more likely to protect it.

Environment – Creating a personal, comfortable, and commercial-free environment using as many natural materials as possible encourages hands-on exploration, relaxed cooperation, physical movement, and the freedom to develop original ideas.

A TKG GraduateCongratulations graduates!

After their years at TKG, we see students who are curious, caring, and confident. Through the years of practicing collaboration and cooperation, students are flexible and adapt to diverse situations. Academically, our students recognize that their decisions and effort are within their control and that the outcomes rest within themselves. Our students love their time in nature and learn to play deeply in many environments. After all the time they have spent practicing relationship, they are comfortable with a range of feelings and have a sense that they can recover and succeed after setbacks and failures. Our goal is to support students that are healthy and whole as they enter the pre-adolescent phase of life.

Our school was founded in 2011 by a group of parents and educators who believe that some of the most important learning children will do builds confidence, resilience, and agency. We believe school should be a place where students, teachers, and parents can expand their capabilities, develop their passions, learn to be in relationships, nurture personal purpose, and learn how to be catalysts for social change. THE KNOWING GARDEN is a community Elementary school in Redondo Beach.

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