Homeschool/Unschool Enrichment

TKG’s mission to re-think education has deep roots in the un-school/homeschool movement. For the last seven years, we have been building a school that steps away from the confines of the industrial revolution model of education; and on that amazing journey, we have found that our community flows in many different ways. In response to a growing need for flexible, project-based and emotionally safe environments, with a supportive community setting, we offer homeschool enrichment programming. We are approved vendors for many programs so check with your providers.


We also offer shorter day/shorter week programs within our full-day program. Check out our Enrollment Page for more details.


7th Grade Applied Math – Real-World Context

BEGINS September 6 and runs through December 6th


“The TKG Way” to 7th-grade math:

  • Designed with physical and emotional development considerations
  • We seek to empower students to understand WHY – to understand the value and application of math topics
  • We strive to give students the tools they need to prepare for higher-level math
  • Taught by an MIT engineer with a real-world perspective
  • High expectations with high supports
  • Invitation to participate in the TKG community through events, parent education and meetings

Eventbrite - 7th Grade Applied Math - Living Smart! (1st Trimester)


Field Day with TKG

Join us for a day of being in nature, hands-on science, social/emotional learning and taking care of the earth. Open to students ages 5 to 13. Details forthcoming.


Healthy Sexuality Class (MORE THAN SEX ED)

A regular class designed to empower students about their physiology and development.


Empathy Class (ECHO)

Join us for a class on understanding, experiencing and developing empathy. It is simple, valuable and necessary for the healthy development of children and society.

Passion Projects & Time Management 

Pursue your passion and create the habits to see your vision from concept to project/product with TKG. This is open to students ages 5 to 13. Registration Forthcoming.


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