Homeschool/Unschool Enrichment

TKG’s mission to re-think education has deep roots in the un-school/homeschool movement. For the last seven years, we have been building a school that steps away from the confines of the industrial revolution model of education; and on that amazing journey, we have found that our community flows in many different ways. In response to a growing need for flexible, project-based and emotionally safe environments, with a supportive community setting, we are launching a homeschool enrichment program.

Now, some of our signature learning experiences such as: field days, project-based classes and passion projects can be experienced without the regular day’s schedule.


Field Day with TKG (off-site at a local park)

On Mondays,  join from 9 to 2 pm for a day of being in nature, social/emotional learning and taking care of the earth. Open to students ages 5 to 12.
Eventbrite - Field Day with TKG


Homeschool Options – for students ages 10-12 include:

Tutoring with TKG

On Wednesday morning our language arts/social studies teacher offers tutoring with the added bonus of social time. Your students would get one on one time for either guidance (from an IEP perspective), extra help with sticky subjects or support with going deeper on an existing plan, Depending on what time they join, social time (like snack or movement) may be part of the schedule.

Eventbrite - TKG Tutoring: Wednesday Mornings


Single Classes & Math & Science Core or Language Arts Cores (by invitation; please inquire)

Classes meet daily, Tuesday through Friday:

9:00 Passion Projects

10:00 STEM/Health
11:10 Math
1:00 to 2:00 Reading, Writing, Speaking
2:00-2:55 Social Studies/History


Math concepts: +/-/x fractions, division w/2-digits divisors, operations with decimals and whole numbers, volume
Reading concepts: Understanding texts (fiction and non: fables, novels, short stories, articles, myths,etc.) to develop ideas and higher order thinking questions, support ideas with specific details or quotes, interpret metaphors/comparisons, identify the author’s point of view and how it affects the content of a text, enhance vocabulary/spelling, use technology to gather information across multiple sources safely
Writing concepts: Develop more as writers by writing about many different topics; include details, perspectives, multiple parts of speech, begin understanding the importance of paraphrasing, outlining, typing, revising work and  citing sources.
Science concepts: Matter and its interactions, matter and energy in organisms and ecosystems, Earth’s systems, stars and the solar system, engineering design
Social Studies concepts: The development of the nation with an emphasis on the people who arrived here and why they came. Students learn about colonial government, the ideals of Enlightenment, and that our country is run on a Constitution that derives it’s power from the people. Students will explore the revolution that sanctioned slavery, land conflicts, westward movement, and they experience the cause, the course, and the consequences of the early explorers quest for independence.
Learning Habits: Developing growth mindset, using oral and written communication to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others, persevere in solving challenging in-depth problems


Register for a Core Class:


Come for first half of the day (9am to 1pm) for math and science subjects including personal project time & lunch.  Or come from 12 to 3 for language arts/social studies/history subjects including lunch.

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