Parent & Me – Starts June!

TKG’s Parent & Me Play & Education Group


Register for one and all of the sessions! For children ages 1.5 to 5 and their parents. There are 6 Meetings per Session.

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The program is about nurturing a community of like-minded parents who want to develop their personal tool box for parenting, education & relationships through the lenses of: experiential learning, brain science & balanced living. Each series will explore specific themes with space to explore emerging questions and wonderings. There will be sensory play opportunities in addition to big body movement at the park.

Facilitated by Heather Kornman


2017 Dates & Discussion Themes

Aug 7 through Sept 11: Supporting hands-on Learning (Labor Day Class will be made up)

This class will provide parents with ideas, samples, and how-to’s on how to set up organic and engaging learning plans/projects at home. Have a pinterest board of things you want to try? Come brainstorm and then be empowered to try! At TKG, we believe humans learn by doing and setting up the life-long habit of tinkering is a valuable life skill.


Sept 18 through October 23: The latest in brain science and child development

This class will focus on the studies and experts who have proven that brain development and function should be part of the framework that informs our decisions as parents, community and educators. The concept of “Whole Child” must also incorporate some of the facts we can’t always “see.”


Oct 30 through Dec 11: Gratitude & Self-Care (thanksgiving week off)

In this class, we’ll talk about the importance of having deep relationships, listening partners, self-reflection and self-care. We’ll review how to find your way to “do”: mindfulness, gratitude and self-care practice.

Questions, please contact us!

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