Community Workshops

In March 2020:

Sunday March 22 – Garden Club @ Michael Mitzvah Day. Join TKG parents for a day to honor Michael Porzucki. The day includes many activities including lunch and a boutique for the homeless. Join our garden club to help work on weeding, trimming, and beautifying our home! REGISTER HERE

TBD Healthy Sexuality Workshops for parents and students EMAIL US TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

In April 2020:

April 2 6-8pm – Parenting Workshop with Carrie Contey. Carrie Contey is coming to TKG to share new science of cooperation through connection (#WhyWeTKG!) that will help you foster ways to be more intentional in family life. Join us for some learning!
Visit for more information.

April 16 6:30pm – Book Club with Michelle Goldbach-Johnson. Michelle, our social-emotional development lead, will facilitate an introductory discussion about the P.E.T. tools & strategies. The book is “Parent Effectiveness Training: The Proven Program for Raising Responsible Children” by Thomas Gordon. Bring snacks and drinks to share!
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In January 2020:

Saturdays beginning January 11th @ TKG

Join Water & Wind Parenting for a P.E.T. workshop. CLICK Here for Registration.

In October 2019:

Saturday Oct 19 @ 2:00pm @ TKG

Join The Knowing Garden Community Elementary School in trying new forms of moving our bodies! Exercise for parents too!

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In June 2019:

June 13 at 6:30pm @ Private Residence in Torrance

Southbay Equity Project Meeting #3 of 8.

Register Here!

In MAY 2019:

Parenting by Connection Study Group:The 5 Hand In Hand Parenting Tools! Register @ Learning(at)Knowing Garden (dot) org

May 23 at 6:30-8pm @TKG 1101 Camino Real, Redondo Beach

This group is for parents and teachers who want to develop or deepen their social justice lens as part of their daily life, and in turn, understand, relate and connect to many different people. Contact Learning(at)KnowingGarden(dot)org.

If you are wondering how you can understand the issues of injustice and bias – without getting overwhelmed or discouraged – and help your children develop consciousness and connection, we invite you to join this collective process.


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