TKG COVID Protocols

In September 2020, our plan is to start off-campus and outdoors with 5:1 cohorts meeting for 3 hours per day Monday-Thursday. Fridays will be reserved for online meetings for students who can’t meet in-person or need additional 1:1 support. First day of school is September 8th. Learn more about our 2020 Summer Programs, here. “Visit” the campus on this short tour – covid edition


Goals and intentions

We will monitor health situations and recommendations and be ready to respond as needed. We are prepared to move between outdoors, campus, and online as safely as possible.

  • Embody the TKG values of hands-on learning and empowerment
  • Teacher, Student, and community safety
  • Trust in teachers and staff to meet students where they are in order to have as full an experience as possible
  • Trust in community to support greater community safety
  • Trust in parents to keep communication open and seek support
  • Stay creative about TKG traditions and greater community experiences
  • Encourage time in Nature and field day provocations via personal experience or small groups
  • Offer social-emotional resources via regular newsletters
Schedule & protocol Outline

Families assume the risk of possible exposure to and/or infection of the covid virus. While COVID protocols are in place, we plan to activate these school schedules (based on local agency recommendations) and practices:

  • 5:1 Outdoors: In order to support learning and social-emotional development, teachers will meet to support weekly lessons (sent to parents in advance) and projects. Students will meet Monday-Thursday for 3 hour sessions. Fridays will be reserved for online meetings.
  • 10:1 Campus: The number of days on campus in the classroom will be determined by enrollment numbers so that groups do not exceed 10 students. We will add outdoor classroom/field days as possible.
  • 5:1 Campus: Mostly for Acorns unless mandated by health agencies. The number of days on campus in the classroom will be determined by total enrollment with outdoor classroom/field days added as possible.
  • 1:1 Campus: Weekly home learning plans supported with one on one meetings with teachers on campus.
  • Full Social Distance: weekly home learning plans supported with online classes and social time for students and parents. See our Distance Learning Framework page for complete details. Tuition will be discounted up to 2o% for families paying full tuition.

The following protocols will be in place:

  • Do not come to school if you or your child is sick. Teachers will make visual wellness checks and decisions and we expect parent support.
  • Staggered drop-offs and pick ups
  • No parents on campus and wearing masks at pick up and drop-off
  • Classroom groups stay together and minimize cross-class meetings/play
  • TKG teachers will be talking to children about COVID and how to manage the protocols including hygiene and sneezing protocols
  • Student items and learning tools separated as much as possible
  • Regular hand washing
  • Surfaces cleaned and disinfected regularly; bathrooms sanitized regularly
  • Touchless check in (brightwheel codes) and sanitizing/soap stations
  • Teachers wearing masks; students welcome to wear masks
  • Staff temperature checks. A temperature of 100.4°F/38°C or higher will cue us to send a teacher home.
  • If a child exhibits signs of illness, they will be comfortable in an outdoor space near the front office until a parent arrives to pick them up.

Collaboration Guidelines

  • Review the online Info Board often and first.
  • Please arrive on time. If you will not or cannot attend, please let your teacher know before the meeting.
  • If you have been exposed to COVID, please notify TKG admin immediately.
  • Questions are welcome and constructive feedback is encouraged.
  • There will be a balance of online and analog work at home.
  • Recorded lessons, to sustain student stamina and review abstract concepts that may have been covered in class will be used to support learning

Guidelines for Working Online

  • Online time as a way to optimize the learner’s understanding of self, discrete skills (packet), and connection to community. 
  • Please remind students (in a developmentally appropriate way) that everything we do online leaves a footprint. Anything we do or say online is like being in-person.
  • Students and parents should understand how to protect their private information. Please seek help if needed.
  • Communications between students and adults is an open forum with devices placed in a public part of the home. 
  • Students should share their emails, work, and communications with their parents; and check with parents before reaching out directly to teachers.

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