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New Course X 430.1

Parent Development with an Emphasis on Raising Children for School and Life Success (Online)

Education 5 units  $600

This course is for principals, parents, school counselors, school psychologists, parent involvement coordinators, early childhood specialists, and school administrators, and also may be of interest to child and family serving personnel, departments, agencies, and organizations in mental health and social service fields. Instruction provides a comprehensive, research-informed appreciation of the realities of succeeding at school and in life. The course explores the social and developmental contexts of parenting and assumes that, similar to the children they are raising, parents develop and grow over time. The course looks closely at the work and challenges of parenting at various stages of child development and relates those developmental challenges to what is taught in modern parent training programs. Overall, the course brings special focus to the dimensions of parenthood, theoretical perspectives on parent-child relations, and different strategies parents use in disciplining and raising children. Enrollment limited; advance enrollment required. Required Textbooks: Parent-Child Relations: An Introduction to Parenting by J. J. Bigner. Credit students must log on to the course by the first week of class and fully participate in all sessions as outlined in the course syllabus.

Online Reg.:  V6873B $600

Jul 12-Sep 6

Vicki S. Broadrick, MS, MFT, children’s therapist in private practice

At the home page of the website scroll down at find the catalog cover on the bottom left hand side of the page. Click on “more” then “Education”, print the first 4 pages of this document, or click on “fields of study”, “Browse all”, “Education & Training”, “Early Childhood” then scroll down the page to see list of courses available in alphabetical order. Click on the course title to find all necessary details.

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