FYI – Meeting 2 Update

The following people attended our last School Project Meeting:

Dani Samms

Dennis & Kathy Hartley

Anne Bobek

Jessica Mayote

Christie Beadle

Yvonne Bonafede

Linda Shannon

Trish & Rick Valdez

Based on the information presented, related to charter and private models and their respective start-up and operating requirements, the group has elected to formulate a Private School Model.  One of the key factors in this model will be accessibility for the development of cultural, economical and social diversity.  This could take the form of what could be called a co-op and we have begun to scope out facilities and run some numbers as well as formulate a project mission and philosophy.

The next meeting will be held within the next 4 weeks so please return to this site for the updates.  As always, contact Trish for more details and share your thoughts.

Check back here for download-able versions of the meeting handouts.  Thank you!

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