TKG KNOW: Focus on the Experts who Influence Our Environment

“It all comes back to the importance of action for learning and the fundamental interrelatedness of the different parts of the human being (the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical parts) and of all human beings to one another. Academic achievement, social–emotional competence, and physical and mental health are fundamentally and multiply interrelated. The best and most efficient way to foster any one of those (such as academic achievement) is to foster all of them.”

From Diamond, Adele (2010) ‘The Evidence Base for Improving School Outcomes by Addressing the Whole Child and by Addressing Skills and Attitudes, Not Just Content’, Early Education & Development, 21: 5, 780 — 793)

We are inspired by many whose expertise and research have helped us design our Curriculum & Environment:

Education and Learning Theory

Jean Piaget PhD-Constructivist Theory (

Howard Gardner PhD Multiple Intelligences (

Maria Montessori – Child-led revelation of potential (

Alfie Kohn – Progressive Education/Punishments and Rewards (

John Abbott – Cognitive Apprenticeship (

Psycho-Social/Emotional Development

Eric Erikson PhD – stages of psychosocial development

Bev Bos – Early Childhood Education (

Communication and Relationship Building

Ruth Beaglehole – Unconditional parenting/CNVEP (

Aletha Solter PhD – Aware Parenting (

Faber & Mazlish – Peaceful Parent/Child Relations (

Brain Development and Neuroscience

Dan Siegel PhD – Understanding the “internal world of the mind” (

Adele Diamond PhD Improving School Outcomes by Addressing the Whole Child and by Addressing Skills and Attitudes, Not Just Content (

Mindfulness (Self-Awareness)

Martin Luther King Jr. – non-violence

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements

Jon Kabat-Zinn – Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

Connection to Nature & Right to Play

Richard Louv – “Connections between family, nature and community.”

International Play Association – “The child shall have full opportunity for play and recreation which should be directed to the same purposes as education; society and the public authorities shall endeavor to promote the enjoyment of this right”

We are extremely grateful for the mentors and teachers we’ve had along the way, especially the THE ROSEVILLE COMMUNITY SCHOOL and their expertise.

Watch, Salt Lake City Open Classroom for an example of the way some of these philosophies come together in the classroom and in the community.

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