TKG KNOW: 5 Assumptions We Should Make About Everyone

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Our weekly newsletter features resources for our community.  We try to feature articles and features that help us engage multiple intelligences.  This one is from Institute for Humane Education (thanks Marsha Rakestraw):

5 Assumptions We Should Try to Make About Everyone

My mom has been a life-long role model for giving people the benefit of the doubt. Even when faced with someone’s horrific action, she has tried to suggest a reason they might have acted that way and has tried to assume the best about them.

Usually when we make assumptions about others, they’re not positive ones. We tend to make split-second judgments; build complex stories in the blink of an eye with them as villain and us as hero (or victim); attach nefarious motivations to their actions. We forget that we’re seeing them through our own lenses, with our own stories and experiences as filters that influence what we think, believe and notice.

But, as my mom has exemplified, making assumptions can be a positive thing. Here are five assumptions that we should try to make about everyone.

HERE are the 5…

Are the Humanities dead?

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