TKG LEARN: 10 Ways to Protect our Children From Stress

At TKG, our parents support low ratios by working in the classroom.   Each week, we offer some tools and tips on how to enjoy your teaching experience – in our weekly newsletter.  Here are some thoughts on:
10 Ways to Protect Our Children From Stresskids-yoga-300x213
Some of Dr.Laura Markham’s tips are relevant for fostering a joyful learning environment.  Here are some of the ones we like:
  1. Slow down. Humans are designed to love excitement and novelty, but constantly jumping from activity to activity prohibits settling and that can lead to stress manifesting itself into getting “bored” or trying to distract others. Students will gravitate toward your centered presence and want to follow your lead.
  2. Listen, and Laugh. Our sprouts need plenty of laughter, which helps them heal the normal anxieties of daily life.
  3. Teach & Model Stress Reduction Skills. We all need a repertoire of healthy ways to reduce stress. For instance, physical activity is one of the best ways to reduce the  stress hormones circulating in our bodies.


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