TKG LEARN: Helping Students Transition Back to School

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Are there blow-outs or big feelings happening? Don’t worry, it’s not unusual for kids to need a little extra help adjusting to the start of school. Here are some things to remember:
1. Reach out and make a special effort to connect playfully (Playful Parenting is a TKG favorite).
2. Facilitate bonding with the other children (empowering students vs solving their problems).
3. Remind students to visit their family pictures (every TKG classroom has a cozy meeting area where students’ family photos have a special place on a mantel).
4. Invite students to find calm at the peace table (every TKG classroom has a brain-break spot where students can regain their motivation, breathing, confidence through mindfulness, sensory experiences or even big physical movement).
5. Encourage laughter. It will help release anxiety in a safe way (but never by tickling because it activates the brain differently and could possibly induce stress).

Read the Aha!Parenting tool that inspired this resource.

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