TKG LISTEN: Educating the Whole Child


Extracurricular choice, intrinsic motivation. Grit and perseverance. These are ideas that help us build TKG’s emerging curriculum. This curriculum supports the development of a community hub where people (children and adults) can gain knowledge about: themselves, how to grow their physical/social/emotional capacity and how to advance their academic endeavors.  We will continue to follow the research, like in this TED IDEA, to stay tuned in to the rapidly changing world that awaits our children.
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Fifty years ago, both South Korea and Finland had terrible education systems. Finland was at risk of becoming the economic stepchild of Europe. South Korea was ravaged by civil war. Yet over the past half century, both South Korea and Finland have turned their schools around — and now both countries are hailed internationally for their extremely high educational outcomes. What can other countries learn from these two successful, but diametrically opposed, educational models? Here’s an overview of what South Korea and Finland are doing right.

As TED speaker Sir Ken Robinson noted in his 2013 talk (How to escape education’s death valley), when it comes to current American education woes “the dropout crisis is just the tip of an iceberg. What it doesn’t count are all the kids who are in school but being disengaged from it, who don’t enjoy it, who don’t get any real benefit from it.” But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Notes Amanda Ripley, “culture is a thing that changes. It’s more malleable than we think. Read more @TED.IDEAS

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