TKG LISTEN: Capacity Building & Empowerment

What does it mean to re-invent education? It means building on the concepts that work and integrating the information & practices that empower people. It doesn’t just apply to schools – it transfers to real life:

*   *   *The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia***

When Yvonne van Amerongen received a phone call from her mother two decades ago, relaying that her father had died of a heart attack—sudden and painless—one of the first things she thought was, Thank God he never had to be in a nursing home.

That call from her mother spurred Yvonne into action as she became committed to making nursing homes more livable and less of a departure from reality for their residents. Over the next 20 years, she worked to secure the funding she’d need to make the idea a reality. Read more @TheAtlantic.

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