Our Community Art Project – April 2020

Art is probably one of the things keeping you healthy during our social distancing period. Visual and musical creativity is something we can nurture during our family time at home. In the spirit of community and appreciation of art, we invite you to join this community art project with TKG! Questions, please email learning(at)knowinggarden(dot)org.

The inspiration comes from the artist Thank You X’s collage of cubes. Please visit the site to see the artist’s gallery and get a sense of how the cubes might be assembled.


  1. Print this document: BigCube (it is an 8×10 size page) for every family member who is participating
  2. Gather your the pens and/or tools to add color
  3. Create within/as close to the cube borders as possible (the cubes will be assembled and we’ll do our best to preserve artistic integrity)
  4. Scan or photograph (in color) the cube and upload here or email (include artist’s name) to learning(at)knowinggarden(dot)org
  5. Deadline is Monday April 13th

There is no right way to add color or design to the cube. Our goal is to enjoy the process and then marvel at the way our community can come together through art. Let your student do their own design but, if they are looking for inspiration…perhaps a question about how they could help the world through their art might bring out some interesting ideas!

Thanks to Dawn and Kelsey (Team Aubrey) for sharing the provocation.

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