Winter 2021 at TKG

Winter 2021 at TKG

Happy New Year!

Here is a short update on TKG as we enter the Winter season. We have about 23 weeks left in the year and are now enrolling for Summer enrichment. Please contact us with your questions! Registration links will be available soon.

We have waitlists for our classrooms except for the Acorns (age 5). Enrollment is open for students aged 5, immediately. For Fall enrollment, September classrooms will begin outdoors and enrollment for the Fall is open. Please complete the application, here.

Certainly, current events are inescapable right now. At TKG, our community does not avoid difficult discussion. We don’t push the discussion but we pledge to facilitate an unbiased and cooperative discussion. We believe that young students must to practice constructively voicing their opinion and solving conflict in order to improve our society in years to come. If you would like resources, see our Facebook page.

We are so fortunate to be partnering with the Explore The Core team, to support our professional and environmental capacity in self-directed learning. We invite you to join his regular workshops to understand the framework and learn more about how our teachers are using it.

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