Parent Participation


We invite parents to be active on campus. We do our best to schedule parents at the beginning of the year!

All families participate in:

  • Beginning of the Year Orientation
  • Communication Workshops
  • Monthly Parent Meetings
  • School Cleaning & Maintenance Days
  • Field Trips
  • Fundraising Events – each family has a per-student donation suggestion

7to9-ClassIf a family qualifies (via our SSS Form), tuition can be reduced by working additional hours. See our Tuition Info page for more details. Some examples include:

  • Classroom Work
  • Parent Project or Job (Laundry, field trip coordinator, web master, in-class workshop, featuring your talents!)
  • Various Committees
  • Administrative Support
  • Teacher Support
  • Research
  • Outdoor Classroom Set Up/Clean Up




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