The Knowing Garden is a 501(c)3 organization. Tax ID #27-4487337.

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Raising money for TKG and earning credits towards your annual fundraising contribution is easier than ever with Scrip! Once you set up your account, you can begin purchasing gift cards and instant e-certificates called ScripNow! for many of the services, stores and restaurants you already patronize. A percentage of your orders will be credited back to TKG, and that amount will also be credited to your fundraising contribution.

60-70 retailers of approximately 300 vendors on currently offer Scrip Now! instant e-certificates. Cheesecake Factory, for instance, offers this service. So if you are heading to Cheesecake for dinner, you can order an ScripNow! certificate from the website. It will sent instantly via email for you to print and take to the restaurant. This option eliminates waiting for plastic cards to arrive in the mail. A rep from the company assured me that it’s just a matter of time before most vendors will offer ScripNow! Other vendors offer a reload option, which allows you to order a plastic gift card, then reload it through your account on ShopWith Scrip, eliminating the need to order and wait for more plastic cards to arrive.

***Although paying by check will be an option at checkout, TKG will only allow payments via Presto Pay. Presto Pay is the same as Paypal, but debits your checking account instead of a credit card to eliminate extra fees. ***The process to create an account on Presto Pay takes a few days.***

Instructions on how to open your account:

1) Log onto and click on Create Account under Family Sign Up on the left side of the home page.

2) The 3rd page of the enrollment process asks you to enter an enrollment code. That code is 924561BD34448.

3) The next page will inform you that you are a member of the TKG organization. See the banner above that says you do not have a Presto Pay Account. Click the link to set up your Presto Pay Account.

4) Within a few business days after setting up your Presto Pay Account, you will receive two small deposits in your checking account. When you receive these deposits, write them down and return to your ShopWithScrip account. Click the Verify your Presto Pay Account link and enter these amounts. Once you do that, you will get a code. Please email this code to me. As the coordinator, I will enter this code under our master account and at that time your Presto Pay account will be ready to accept orders payment requests.

5) At this time you can place orders for plastic gift cards. Upon receipt, cards will be distributed at school. As the coordinator I will release orders on the 1st and 15th of each month for shipment. All Presto Pay orders must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the 1st and the 15th and 30th of each month in order to give time for payments to clear the bank. Once ordered, the cards should arrive in 3-4 business days. The cheapest shipping option is $7.75 and will be distributed amongst the ordering families, meaning your percentage of shipping costs will be deducted from the your credit earned. Remember, many vendors offer automatic reload so in many cases you will only need to order plastic cards once.

6) Under the Shop tab, you will find a list of participating vendors by category. Enjoy!


The Ralph’s grocery store fundraising program is available for your TKG fundraising contribution requirement. Once you have a Ralph’s Club Card you can register online and the store till make a contribution to our school, based on your purchases (or the purchases of anyone using your club card/telephone number at check-out).
Here’s how to do it:
1. Go to and create a login/password
2. once in your profile click the link for Community Contribution Program
3. Enter our school code 94757 and then Search
4. Select The Knowing Garden (TKG) & Save
**If you plan to use your telephone, be sure it is linked to your card info as an alternate ID.

Now that your card/phone number is linked- just shop like usual. At the end of each quarter, login and check the amount you have raised for the school- and you can report that contribution to me (towards your fundraising requirement)!

Here are the details:
Ralphs will pay each organization on a quarterly basis based on the following monthly qualifying purchases per household:
Up to $200 1%
Between $200.01 and $350 2%
Between $350.01 and $500 3%
Over $500 4%
Ralphs limits their quarterly contributions to a maximum contribution of $625,000 to be distributed among all participating eligible organizations.
Ralphs limits a quarterly household contribution to $150
In the event that total earned contributions exceed the maximum contribution limit, Ralphs will prorate and reduce the contributions based on the total contributions earned by all participating organizations and their members.
Minimum quarterly rebate payout is $25 per organization. In the event that an organization earns less than $25 in a quarter, Ralphs will hold the amount until the next quarter that the rebate exceeds $25 or the end of the program term (08/31/14), whichever comes first.


Separate from Scrip, this fundraising opportunity happens when you shop in town or online, dine out or book travel.

After you’ve signed up, earning is easy – just shop through thousands of eScrip merchants online, and grocers and drug stores in your town.

Make sure you’ve registered any or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards to make earning automatic at more places you shop. Once your credit cards are registered, you will be contributing to TKG when you use those cards at participating merchants/restaurants.

1. Go to:
2. Click on Sign up and select TKG
3. Register your credit cards
Contribution statements are posted monthly to your account and I will ask for your family totals. You will need to login and review your account to find the exact amount.


One Cause
Again OneCause is a free and non-traditional fundraising program that helps you support your cause when you shop. Here’s how it works: Start shopping at, Click to your favorite stores, and you will automatically contributions up to 20% of your eligible purchases to Infancy to Independence at no extra cost you. So every time you buy clothes, shoes or even plane tickets, you can save money and help your own favorite cause or school! It’s so easy. You’re going to buy stuff anyway… Make it count!

How it works? Please click copy paste this link to learn more!

Easy Ways to Earn Contributions:

1. Online Shopping – Shop to over 2000 well known Online Merchants through and earn contributions for your cause up to 20% .

2. Neighborhood Shopping – Register your personal Visa or Debit Card to your account with OneCause and use it to your Local merchants and earn up 3%.

3. ToolBar – Simply Download the OneCause toolbar to your browser and generate 2 cents contributions per valid search you will do. And the OneCause Toolbar can tract your lifetime contributions.

4. Supporter Crediting – You can also show your token of appreciation to your avid supporters by enrolling to our Supporter Crediting Program, This program allows you to allocate a certain percentage of your cause contribution to the supporters who joins the program and use it as a treat to get discounts for miscellaneous fees that your school has.

5. OneCause Visa – Apply for OneCause Visa and automatically earn 1% contribution every time you use it and get extra contributions if you shop at the store and to the catalogs of OneCause visa reward merchants.


 THE BED SHOP, will donate 15% of a purchase back to TKG. Let them know you support TKG when you order…


Staples (not counted toward Family fundraising)
Every little bit adds up to big benefits for our school. Although Staples does not offer an opportunity to decrease your Deferred Tuition, you can still help our TKG Sprouts.

When you shop at Staples, you can use the TKG telephone number (310-728-9337) and help our school earn coupons and credit to spend on supplies.
Ink cartridge recycling: if you bring empty ink/toner cartridges directly to Staples, please use the TKG telephone number (310-728-9337) and help our school earn coupons and credit to spend on supplies. Alternatively, you can bring your cartridges to Ellen Cater for Staples recycling.

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