About Us

TKG is a hybrid of teacher-led learning guided by standards-based academic trajectories + self-directed schooling guided by student interests and motivation. This work is challenging, inspiring, and collaborative! Documentation of learning is available to parents via digital portfolios and photo albums.

The following resources are the major influences for TKG environment:
1. Heart of Learning Chapter 1 (Oak Meadow)
2. Project Based Learning Handbook for Elementary School (PBL Works)
3. Teacher Effectiveness Training (Dr. Thomas Gordon)
4. Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature (Wilderness Awareness School)

We Started A School.

There are many reasons for starting this school, including: choice, attachment/peaceful/unconditional parenting, honoring the individual, connecting with nature and igniting the passion for learning. One of the most driving forces was a void of choices: too expensive, too far, not respectful, not open. We were moved to action because we didn’t have an education option that provided an affordable, respectful, learning environment where creativity could blossom from within each of its students surrounded by a supportive community.

Our school began in the Summer of 2010 at our very first community meeting held in a founding family’s backyard. On a simple whiteboard, we listed all the things we wanted in a school. The list still holds true today. So, we set out to make the list a reality with willing and passionate parents. Parents were passionate then, and they are still passionate now! We started with 4 students and one teacher in our first year. In our second year, we added 6 students and another teacher. We continue to grow with the help of a teacher team, administrative support, a loyal board of directors, and passionate parents. Our intention is to grow TKG into a school that serves students ages 2/3 through 13/14 years old.

We are inspired by many whose expertise and research have helped us craft our Curriculum & Environment. Special thanks to the Roseville Community School for opening their school and sharing their experience with us.


2010:  TKG established and 501c3 formed
2011: TKG opens for 5-7 year olds with 4 students; @ Alta Vista Park
2011: Secure partnership with current location
2013: Add 7-9 year old class
2014: FACE Time Program added
2015: Added 9-11 year old class
2015: Surpass 20 students
2015: Formalize Passion Projects within curriculum
2016: Implemented formal Tuition Moderation Initiative
2016: Start offering Summer Camps
2016: Surpass 30 students
2017: Reinitiate Homeschool program and begin Parent & Me program
2017: Optimize cohort structure and extend program to 4 year olds
2019: Move to a new location

TKG is a member of AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization), NAEYC and Natural Start Alliance

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