SpringFest RB is here!

We’re ready to fest it up!  We will host an information and activity booth to raise funds and introduce the community to our school on Saturday April 16 and Sunday April 17.  Click here to read more about TKGAtSpringFest.

We’ll need your support and here are some of the opportunities:

VOLUNTEER TO WORK ON APRIL 16 OR 17 (2-3 hour shifts)

DONATE CHILDREN’S BOOKS: We are hoping for children’s book only, especially readers


  1. Craft Scraps – Keeping child safety in mind, nothing is off limits (e.g. feathers, left-over paper, magazine cut outs, anything you’re not wanting to get rid of but can’t really use for a specific project).
  2. Glue, for the craft project, up to 10 containers
  3. Kid-safe glitter
  4. PLAIN ‘MANILA’ OR SIMILAR FOLDERS: to fit 8 ½ x 11 sized papers, up to 100.
  5. Lima beans: 2-3 regular sized bags (dry beans)
  6. Magnifying glasses: up to 100 of the very inexpensive (under .25 cents each)
  7. Assorted beans: 2-3 regular sized bags
  8. Card stock paper: 1 ream
  9. Paper for leaf rubbing (translucent or parchment):

LET US BORROW (or donate for school use after the event):

  1. Cozy Carpet, for kids to sit on while watching magic fun or hearing a story
  2. Colorful Scarves, to drape around the tent
  3. Tall-ish Plants and/or table-top plants for garden effect

VOLUNTEER ON PREP WORK DAYS – Weds(13), Thurs(14), Friday(15)

CASH DONATIONS – toward printing and materials costs: http://ourschool.chipin.com/the-knowing-garden-start-up

Lots to choose from!  Email Us to Sign Up

And Meeting #9 was very productive!  Our founding teachers have been hard at work.  Enrollment details will be coming soon…

If you’re still interested in reading, check out The Virtues of Play on Wired.com.


TKG Team


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