TKG KNOW: Teaching Children How to “Make Their World”

Children are learning all the time.
So much is new & exciting for them.

From a Post at – Oct 12 2013

These days, much of their education, from a very early age is focused on teaching them to read, write, do math & figure out how to “be” in the modern world. But there’s often a missing piece in their lives… true creativity.

How often is a child expected to finish something that someone else started for them? Filling in a colouring book page, completing a work-sheet, playing a video game, watching a TV show. Of course, academic subjects are necessary for a child’s lifelong success but the art of making things should be what balances the learning scales.

Those who can think for themselves, easily solve problems & create beautiful things from the simplest of materials will be able to bravely shape their future.

Creators who will craft their lives to suit their true heart’s desire. They will be the independent ones who always seem to be a step ahead of crowd.

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