TKG LISTEN: When Philosophy Becomes Therapy (Mindfulness Resource)

by LAUREN DAVIS in The AtlanticPhilosophy

At TKG, we value real-life learning, learning collaboratively, mindfulness, empathy and self-awareness. We know that each of us is unique, we are stronger together and that we must constantly reflect and evaluate in order to move forward with a purpose. We definitely know that we want our children to know this sooner than we did – to be masters of their own “School of Life.”


Philosophy has earned a reputation as a complicated, inaccessible, and irrelevant pursuit, consigned mostly to old white men in wood-paneled offices. It’s vaguely associated with asking the kinds of big questions—Do we exist? What does life mean? Is there such thing as right or wrong?—that can seem frustrating, impractical, and, perhaps, pointless.

But for the past ten years or so, Alain de Botton, a Swiss-British philosopher, writer, and TV presenter, has made it his mission to rebrand philosophy by stripping away its crusty, academic trappings and restoring its day-to-day value. WHAT IS your source of enlightenment and cure for daily ills?  Read more @TheAtlantic

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